Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Perrin LeMagnus Crepes.

Perrin LeMagnus Crepes.

Chaotic Good Rogue. Human. Age 29.
Specialties include, but not limited to; Dagger techniques, Throwing blades and shiruken.

Studied with a up and coming Ninja Clan in Japan and actually helped over throw the leader...as heritage says. Yes a Ninja has silly shit like that. Get over it.

Perrin suffered many hardships. He simply wishes to sit in a zen garden and sip tea. But his intriguing luck has taken him onto a, as the Stage Drama...Sir Forrest of Gump has said...Life is like a crate of wizbangs, you're never know what your's going to get!

Anyways, I need to get paid and I'm certain the person who asked me to write this for him will only give me half the amount agreed upon and try to smack my gob inside itself so speaking "out of line". He is illerate so he definitely will not read this anyways...he's just hand me my due and ill have to sneak into his room again and get my money back....and possibly one of the books he pillaged. They're shiny!

My take on brothers.

echo "

I was unfortunate enough growing-up having no blood brother, from my perspective growing up. Obviously. But I have been meeting many good boys, nowadays men, that I look up to and have tried to emulate along my adventure. To those great men of my life, thank you for loving me just as much as I have loved. You made me realize that...in life...you really should just move along as best you can and not worry about the "what-ifs". Simply love and not stop loving.

We men get side tracked and get caught up in other-worldly quarrels that we sometimes forget the person we are. I know I did. I almost lost my individuality because I thought I needed to settle down into something tangible that was half-rate. To embrace the very idea that we could have it all if we tried hard enough simply made my character soar. The culmination of realizing that I was human/man aged 27...out on my own and taking care of myself...the very act I always did without realizing...made it so I could have my happiness as a grown-ass man.

End of line.

" >  blog_post_04/30/13_1831.txt

The birth of a book.

Ever see a book be written live? I sure haven't. Bet it would take a while. We usually don't hear about a book's existence until everyone has told you about it.

My closest book-birth-to-read was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I read that when it was first out in the US.

Monday, April 29, 2013

To the Ouya developers:

If only we were at the point that the technology that let's me connect to The OASIS was around now. I would totally retro hack my OASIS unit to be housed in an old Ouya case. hushtugz readyplayerone. 

"Would that this Ouya were a time Ouya!" -Ishmael, remixed quote *weggyy wiggy* (With all due apologies to the writers on the NBC show "Community", love you guys so much!)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Terminal, Part 1.

The coolest things about working and living in a command line is that I have the amazing ability of focusing on the current task at-hand by watching the terminal feed information about the process that is occurring. It's so great seeing stuff like this, it helps remind me that no matter how advanced I think I am in my studies...It humbles me suddenly realizing that there is so much to learn. I enjoy this reminder. It elates me because it reminds me of my promise to myself. That I will be a life-long learner. Someone that will always strive to learn something small every day of my existence.

I enjoy taking breaks...I play hard because I work hard.

Seconds after I started my updater. BORING!

Well I hope it was good for my system as it was for me... >_>

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Anime, people...

Ok I really wish for Disney to allow Japanese Animation companies to remake all their animated feature films.
You're welcome everyone.

The Throne.

I can't believe I forgot how awesome it is to write whilst on the toilet. Ok this is no joke...amazing.
I'm relieving pain on a comfortable pace and getting my work done AT THE SAME TIME.

I wish to play starcraft now....in fact I just remembered that I have saved the drive in my laptop. I am so totally installing it as I write this. In fuckin....I love my life.

A simple wish.

If you are reading this and can put down a serious fight in a game, please let me know. I sometimes have to rely on friends to get me away from my personal work when they invite me to play a game on XBOX or Steam. So if you ever see me on anything just say hello and challenge me.

I will try my best to enjoy my time with you. I have added my raptr.com gamercard to this blog so you can see what I play.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Personal Ubuntu Anniversary.

The upcoming release of Ubuntu named Raring Ringtail (Ubuntu 13.04) will be marking my personal six year anniversary. An anniversary that has great meaning for me. Around this time five years ago I began a fun adventure of learning. I made myself learn GNU/Linux by means of simply using Ubuntu 7.04.

As my personal gift to myself for this occasion, I am in the process of making my own Ubuntu mirror server out of my home server. Making is easier to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 when the switch is hit. This way I won't have to fight for bandwidth across all our US mirrors. I'm putting in the low latency time now! MUAHAHAHA!

Also, It appears as if Ubuntu mirrors take major priority on the bandwidth. I am downloading from an official Ubuntu mirror at 20 threads. I'm not entirely certain if I can set it to a higher amount...though I would not wish to set it for more, I don't wish to be greedy.

Ok now I can continue.

In my absent minded efforts to get this endeavor on it's tracks I seem to have forgotten to sit and think exactly what I wanted out of this. It seems as if I wish to write more, on a public forum and yet I had an issue with one tiny thing.

I basically needed to get over the idea of being a private person. I was so utterly scared about people knowing who and where I am for so long that I had forgotten that I was basically already pretty damn public. I do not pretend to think I am not easily searchable or anything. I simply suddenly realized that I wish to make myself known to the world. Mainly as a way of finally getting over some random fears I used to harbor regarding this world and it's residents.

Xenophobia used to be my main concern for myself. I always wondered how far my fears would allow me to continue learning. When I was younger I realized that I needed to step out of my comfort zone more and more often so that I could, not only learn social skills, but learn more about people. I simply enjoy people. So...

...picture me a 19 year old nerd: the kid that was so shy he would get clammy hands whenever ANY type of social interaction with ANYONE would be done. I felt, at the time, that I needed to step out of my comfort zone by simply ducking out of a semester of college to get some social skills. I didn't like the ambiance of a classroom too much so I decided to grasp hold of an opportunity that presented itself. I took a video games testing job, a job that I had coveted since I was still bounding on top of Goombas. I learned a lot from my first job. But I really needed more.

I took on another semester of school but still felt weird about it. So I took on another opportunity. I got a job at The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Yet another dream being fulfilled, AWESOME. That did it, I got out of my shell and learned, and still continue, what it is to interact with other people. The act of taking a plunge made me feel empowered. I felt so great about myself and finally felt like I was living.

In comes this blog. I wish to simply meet other people. Even if it's just to say hello or hug or what-have-you. I wish to not be so private about things that matter. I learned a lot and I wish to make my learnin's something like open source...where people can see what I learn and maybe improve on my theories by interacting with me and I in-turn can do the same. I already do it a lot. Every day really, I speak to co-workers and friends and we challenge each other by simply living around one another. That to me is one of my greatest loves. Living in and around others. It sounds silly as I write it, but really I wouldn't wish to ever stop interacting with people.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I recreated a dream I had.

I had a random dream last night that I found my way into an unknown data center. I was able to find some manuals in a box and from what I can tell I was able to read through all of them. It took a while, seemingly, to fully comprehend what the nature of this data center was. I woke up this morning and wrote down as much as I could remember.

The one part of my dream that I can remember vividly was the following terminal recording I made recreating what I saw in my dream.

Hack the Planet.
It was a pretty gnarly dream. I really hope I can flesh out the rest of the dream from my notes. For now, enjoy this fun recording.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Streamy cup of tea courtesy of The BCC.

I decided to be sneaky last night and decided to use my VPN to watch a show not available to people in the US. Victoria Wood's Nice Cup of Tea. I got intrigued by this show when I saw a clip of The 11th Doctor conversing with Victoria Wood about tea as a lifestyle. Obviously, I needed to watch! Sadly, this show is not available to us Yanks.

Guess what?! I am in the UK now!...sorta. I had to VPN to a node in London and then reload the video. I was able to load the danged video up just the same. Ha!

End of line. ↈ

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Delicious workspace.

I would ultimately love to have a computer be nothing but terminals. I've realized I prefer working with a keyboard more than a mouse. The mouse definitely has it ups, I will not get into that at this moment. Though, please gaze at the yummy simplicity of this virtual machine I sometimes use for testing. This particular Linux Distribution is called CrunchBang.

End of line. ↈ

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From an email to my two sister's:

"This music by Koji Konda has been the inspirational music going from the time you and Georgie bought me my first Nintendo Entertainment System. This music means so much more to me because my family introduced me to this amazing adventure by a man that dreams and keeps dreaming just like I always have. Shigeru Miyamoto gave me a wonderful gift and I honor his gift. I know inspiration when I see it. 

Thank you Abby and Toti for giving me one of the most important gift I needed to survive this world. Courage to dream. 

Love you guys!"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friendship, with something on the side.

Quick intro: I wrote this one morning after I woke up from this nightmare. Enjoy!

"Friendship, with something on the side."

        I thought I used to have a firm grasp on what sex for me was. A tool to build a relationship. Sure  that can be said about a lot of things when building a serious/not serious relationship with someone. Like couples counseling. But this isn't what this experience is about. To better illustrate I’ll run through the play by play of a recent experience I had with a few of my closest friends.

        But before we get into that, a little build-up. Lisa, Janet and Sky are my best friends. We have known each other for over 10 years. We all met one day at a laundry place and fought over the last empty basket-on-wheels. We had a 15 minute argument about who should use it next. Never mind that all four of us haven't even loaded a single load into the wash. Well after those 15 minutes of arguing and hating each others being, someone had taken the basket. None of us noticed and now we couldn't tell who had taken it. We laughed and introduced each other.

        Sky is a former gymnast that decided one day that the years of focus and strict diet and exercise was too much. She quit. She left her trainer and parents back east in The Hamptons and decided to come out to L.A. To become a graphic designer. Beautiful dark hair, petite...typical gymnast stature and build. Lovely voice and eyes. But that wasn't why I was attracted to her. She had this way of hand-talking. It was a very charming quality, it intrigued me to no end. If you are unfamiliar with hand-talking, here's a quick lowdown. Have you ever met or talked to someone that uses hand gestures while they speak to you. They thrust their fist forward to convey a sense of punctuation and exclamation to their sentences? That is hand-talking. Sky had a very subtle way of doing it though. Her mini hands were so delicate looking but had a way of driving her point home. With a flourish of her right index finger to point to her clothes and then to the washer she had almost single handedly made me drop out of the B.O.W race. With a flick of her wrist she managed to push my argument aside, granted my only argument to my right to the basket was that I had the biggest load,  to this date I have no idea what any of her words were. All I can remember is her intense eyes and intense mannerisms. Cute, strong and never to be trifled with. Love her.

        Lisa was the funny one. Blonde, tall and had an extensive collection of music. She loved the classics. Think of any old big band song you can and she has it. Hear a song in an elevator that reminds you of your grand-parents, she has it. She can identify music that is pre-WW2. I asked her why she loves it so much. Her response was simple. Music before the war had more passion. I don't really understand how, but accepted it. And I accepted her. Quirky, delightful and she can make you feel better the instant you allow yourself to feel bad or sad around her. Not much else can be said about Lisa. She is very private at times. So her telling me her reason for loving her music is something I hold dear in our relationship. I love her.

Janet hates men. Janet is a very liberal person with the heart of gold. But she will never allow you to see the gleam of the her heart unless you convince her that men are vile disgusting creatures that don't deserve the whole credit for history. She always says that behind every great man in history, there was a great woman that inspired them. Who knows if that is the case, but I can definitely see how that can be. Do NOT mistake her for lesbian. EVER. My groin felt the wrath of that mistake one day. Please don't get me wrong, I didn't outwardly tell her she was gay. I accept her for her strength and devotion to her friends. My mistake was that for one split second I had assumed she was and asked her what kind of people she enjoyed to date. Although I didn't use the word “people.” I had used the word “girls.”

I infinitely do not know why that escaped my lips. Up to that point in our tenure I did not care what her preference was. I had to spend the following month trying to convince her that I wasn't like the rest of the men that assumed simply because she hates men, she is automatically a lesbian. I went through great lengths to earn her trust again. But I did it. The exact way I did was I took her on a date. A friend date. I wont go into details because I hold that date to be very dear to me and only meant to be shared her and I. Needless to say it was THE date. The end all be all of dates. The date that cost me about $5,345.32 American. Love her.

        Then there's me. 28 year old single male. Living with Sky, Janet and  Lisa. Love them very much. Forever lonely. Every person I date ends horribly. And by horribly I mean I have to change my phone number and get restraining orders put on the crazy women I date. Since I met my lovelies 10 years ago until now...there have been seven crazy women. Varying from ages 19-39. The first two made me think it was me. The next two made me think it was me just being attracted to the crazies. Oh well. There was one that I really enjoyed my time with. Very positive, very open and very interested in me. I, at one point, mentioned to Sky that she may be the one. The worst break up ever. If you can call it that. It was the only one that left me. Very harsh, just never heard back from her. Oh Aubrey why did you break me so? Haven't dated anyone in almost two years now. I'm not concerned or sad. I was very depressed, yes. But my roomies helped me get past that. 

        The last two. I don't even know how to continue writing this. I have to pause for a second and explain just how much I love my friends. We have been through a LOT. They are the world to me. My family. As I write this, in my room with my back propped against my door...I love them. Unconditionally. Ok so the last two. Janet and Sky....

        This morning started like any other Saturday morning. We had breakfast, watched some news. We proceeded to Netflix our Saturday away until about 5pm. We broke out some wine. And had an interesting, very drunk, conversation about me and my relationship with my friends.

“So Max, I dare you to make love to me!” Lisa said. 

“Make love to you? Or fuck you?” I said.

“Oh good question! Really what I want is to make love to you but-”

“We want to watch!” interrupted Janet and Sky.

“Well I can't make love to you if they watch! It would either have to be me fucking you in front of them or me taking you to my room to make love to you.” I exclaimed.

“Well what's the difference?” They all asked.

“Well if I were to make love to you I would need to do it right. I would need to do the whole nine yards and include some copious foreplay. Whisper sweet-nothings into your ear. And it would only be us.” I said.

“Now, if I were to just fuck you I can just rip your clothes off now and let them watch and I just get my rocks off with you on the floor.” I said.

“So just like that?” Sky asked.

“Yeah. You asked the difference.” I said.

“No, I mean you can just into that mood to be able to make love to her?” Sky asked.

“Well yeah. It wouldn't be difficult to get into that mood with Lisa. Or with any of you for that matter. Mainly because I’ve known you guys for so long.” I said.

“Well if that's the case then make love to me!” Janet said.

“Ok never mind guys, I wouldn't want to do that with any of you.” I stated.

“Well why not?!” They all shouted.

“...Well you guys are my best friends, I would never want to do anything to lose any of you. Especially after I almost lost Janet.” I explained.

“Well go fuck yourself then!” Said Sky and Lisa.

“What? Why are you mad at me? You guys are the ones that are drunk and horny!” I exclaimed.

“Because we haven't been on a 'Max' date!” Yelled Lisa. 

“We? Who's we?” I asked.

“Me and...” said Lisa.

Lisa then looked at Sky who was trying very hard to not look Lisa in the eye. Ok so I took Sky out on a date as well. At time it seemed like a good idea. But I wished I hadn't said that.

“Wait...You went out with Sky too?!” Yelled Lisa.

“Yes, once. And I really wanted to go out with a girl, a friend, and not worry if they were going to go bat-shit crazy on me.” I explained.

“Why are you getting so upset about this? I though you were just playing around about having sex?” I asked

“Because I Lo....” Lisa stopped herself from continuing and ran to the bathroom.

At this point all I could do was sober up, not on purpose. The situation was just a buzz kill and I immediately realized what I had done. Or was I too blame? Why should I be to blame? I had told her and Sky and Janet that they are my friends. Did she hope I would be interested in her? Why or how did she misunderstand me? Did I say something?

I walked over to the bathroom to ask to be let in to talk to her. After some coaxing she let me in and immediately shut the door, locked it. Then proceeded to lock-lips with me. I pushed her away just as suddenly. 

“Why don't you love me?” She asked.

“I do love you darling.” I said softly.

“I mean why aren't you in love with me?” she continued.

“I'm simply not, I never allowed myself.” I explained. “I consider you and them my family.”

“But you are perfect, you treat me with respect and you're so kind. I have never been with someone like you.” she said.

I had absolutely nothing to say to that. I realized at the moment I may lose a friend that night. I told her I had to get some fresh air because this is really big and I need to walk off the booze. She understood.  I went around the block and got back I walk into the house to a disaster. I guess a fight ensued when I left. My initial response was... This is not because of me. Please not about me. Why? I'm not that special. I never intended to lead them on. How? All I ever tried to be was a friend to them.

“So Max...You will choose now which of us you will be with.” Said Sky.

“Why do I have to choose one? You three are my friends.” I said.

“No Max, you don't understand. We just talked while you were away. As it turns out we're all in love with you.” Said Lisa.

“Why didn't any of you ever say anything before? I can't decide on any of you because I never allowed myself to ever be more than just friends with any of you.” I explained.

“I personally do not know, but all I can tell you right now is that you will definitely not choose one of us tonight and the rest will have to leave.” Janet stated.

“Well you are deciding on being that unfair, I will not choose any of you.” I said...

Pause here for a second.

Ever get the feeling that you were saying one thing but all along you were understood as saying another? Remember how I said there were 7 crazies? And that the first two made me think I was the culpable one? Well as it turns out the first two were actually numbers four and five. Apparently I have something. Something that is very attractive to emotionally unstable women. I do not know what. But apparently I won the lottery. The crazy lottery. 

It is amazing how fast you can Google someone's past and work at the same time when you're life is in peril. Just before my door was bashed in I was able to find out something about each of my sister's:

Sky did leave her trainer and parents back in the Hamptons. I always thought it was weird they never attempted to contact her, or Sky contact them. Turns out she left them stacked on top of each other in the private gym of their property...skewered on the uneven bars. I guess rage and 15 years of strength training does some crazy things to a person ability to off three people and lift them up that high.

Lisa is a private person, always was. Her parents were survivors of the holocaust. Though the toll on her parents was severe and private. The abuse set upon Lisa was constant and severe. She's private because she learned to be private from her mentally ill parents and decided they shouldn't feel any pain. So she decided to finish what I can only think as...Finishing the work the Nazis weren’t able to do. Roast them in their own home.

Then there's Janet. Her dad was a single father. Went through girlfriends just a bit faster then he went through his beer cans. Molestation was the least of Janet's worries. Apparently that guy not only had abuse issues but he attracted the crazies too. Janet learned how to hate men.... from the other women that hated her father. Except she took it a step further and managed to hang her father by the head off a tree by a cliff. And I am not referring to beer guzzling side. And as you may have guessed it, the human “masculinity” can only take so much before it gives.

There you have it. I guess when you are so hopelessly in love with someone you don't notice the little things that make them crazy. In my case I was in love with three women. And they all collectively felt the same thing when I so matter-of-factually said I wouldn’t choose any of them...they decided no one will. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hash: SHA1

= Ubuntu Code of Conduct v2.0 =

== Community ==

Ubuntu is about showing humanity to one another: the word itself
captures the spirit of being human.

We want a productive, happy and agile community that can welcome new
ideas in a complex field, improve every process every year, and foster
collaboration between groups with very different needs, interests and

We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from
those who enhance it. This code of conduct exists to ensure that
diverse groups collaborate to mutual advantage and enjoyment. We will
challenge prejudice that could jeopardise the participation of any
person in the project.

The Code of Conduct governs how we behave in public or in private
whenever the project will be judged by our actions. We expect it to be
honored by everyone who represents the project officially or
informally, claims affiliation with the project, or participates

We strive to:

  '''Be considerate.'''

  Our work will be used by other people, and we in turn will depend on
  the work of others. Any decision we take will affect users and
  colleagues, and we should consider them when making decisions.

  '''Be respectful.'''

  Disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. We work together to
  resolve conflict, assume good intentions and do our best to act in
  an empathic fashion. We don't allow frustration to turn into a
  personal attack. A community where people feel uncomfortable or
  threatened is not a productive one.

  '''Take responsibility for our words and our actions.'''

  We can all make mistakes; when we do, we take responsibility for
  them. If someone has been harmed or offended, we listen carefully
  and respectfully, and work to right the wrong.

  '''Be collaborative.'''

  What we produce is a complex whole made of many parts, it is the sum
  of many dreams. Collaboration between teams that each have their own
  goal and vision is essential; for the whole to be more than the sum
  of its parts, each part must make an effort to understand the whole.

  Collaboration reduces redundancy and improves the quality of our
  work. Internally and externally, we celebrate good collaboration.
  Wherever possible, we work closely with upstream projects and others
  in the free software community to coordinate our efforts.

  We prefer to work transparently and involve interested parties as
  early as possible.

  '''Value decisiveness, clarity and consensus.'''

  Disagreements, social and technical, are normal, but we do not allow
  them to persist and fester leaving others uncertain of the agreed

  We expect participants in the project to resolve disagreements
  constructively. When they cannot, we escalate the matter to
  structures with designated leaders to arbitrate and provide clarity
  and direction.

  '''Ask for help when unsure.'''

  Nobody is expected to be perfect in this community. Asking questions
  early avoids many problems later, so questions are encouraged,
  though they may be directed to the appropriate forum. Those who are
  asked should be responsive and helpful.

  '''Step down considerately.'''

  When somebody leaves or disengages from the project, we ask that
  they do so in a way that minimises disruption to the project. They
  should tell people they are leaving and take the proper steps to
  ensure that others can pick up where they left off.

== Leadership, Authority and Responsibility ==

We all lead by example, in debate and in action. We encourage new
participants to feel empowered to lead, to take action, and to
experiment when they feel innovation could improve the project.
Leadership can be exercised by anyone simply by taking action, there
is no need to wait for recognition when the opportunity to lead
presents itself.

'''Delegation from the top.'''

Responsibility for the project starts with the "benevolent dictator",
who delegates specific responsibilities and the corresponding
authority to a series of teams, councils and individuals, starting
with the Community Council ("CC"). That Council or its delegated
representative will arbitrate in any dispute.

We are a meritocracy; we delegate decision making, governance and
leadership from senior bodies to the most able and engaged candidates.

'''Support for delegation is measured'''

Nominations to the boards and councils are at the discretion of the
Community Council, however the Community Council will seek the input
of the community before confirming appointments.

Leadership is not an award, right, or title; it is a privilege, a
responsibility and a mandate. A leader will only retain their
authority as long as they retain the support of those who delegated
that authority to them.

'''We value discussion, data and decisiveness.'''

We gather opinions, data and commitments from concerned parties before
taking a decision. We expect leaders to help teams come to a decision
in a reasonable time, to seek guidance or be willing to take the
decision themselves when consensus is lacking, and to take
responsibility for implementation.

The poorest decision of all is no decision: clarity of direction has
value in itself. Sometimes all the data are not available, or
consensus is elusive. A decision must still be made. There is no
guarantee of a perfect decision every time - we prefer to err, learn,
and err less in future than to postpone action indefinitely.

We recognise that the project works better when we trust the teams
closest to a problem to make the decision for the project. If we learn
of a decision that we disagree with, we can engage the relevant team
to find common ground, and failing that, we have a governance
structure that can review the decision. Ultimately, if a decision has
been taken by the people responsible for it, and is supported by the
project governance, it will stand. None of us expects to agree with
every decision, and we value highly the willingness to stand by the
project and help it deliver even on the occasions when we ourselves
may prefer a different route.

'''Open meritocracy.'''

We invite anybody, from any company, to participate in any aspect of
the project. Our community is open, and any responsibility can be
carried by any contributor who demonstrates the required capacity and


A leader's foremost goal is the success of the team.

"A virtuoso is judged by their actions; a leader is judged by the
actions of their team." A leader knows when to act and when to step
back. They know when to delegate work, and when to take it upon


A good leader does not seek the limelight, but celebrates team members
for the work they do. Leaders may be more visible than members of the
team, good ones use that visibility to highlight the great work of

'''Courage and considerateness'''

Leadership occasionally requires bold decisions that will not be
widely understood, consensual or popular. We value the courage to take
such decisions, because they enable the project as a whole to move
forward faster than we could if we required complete consensus.
Nevertheless, boldness demands considerateness; take bold decisions,
but do so mindful of the challenges they present for others, and work
to soften the impact of those decisions on them. Communicating changes
and their reasoning clearly and early on is as important as the
implementation of the change itself.

'''Conflicts of Interest'''

We expect leaders to be aware when they are conflicted due to
employment or other projects they are involved in, and abstain or
delegate decisions that may be seen to be self-interested. We expect
that everyone who participates in the project does so with the goal of
making life better for its users.

When in doubt, ask for a second opinion. Perceived conflicts of
interest are important to address; as a leader, act to ensure that
decisions are credible even if they must occasionally be unpopular,
difficult or favourable to the interests of one group over another.

This Code is not exhaustive or complete. It is not a rulebook; it
serves to distill our common understanding of a collaborative, shared
environment and goals. We expect it to be followed in spirit as much
as in the letter.

'''The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is licensed under the
[[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/|Creative Commons
Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license]]. You may re-use it for your own
project, and modify it as you wish, just please allow others to use
your modifications and give credit to the Ubuntu Project!'''
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


End of line.


I feel as if I can watch over the world. Life imitating comic books guys! I remember watching Superman be in deep orbit from Planet Earth and have his super sense hear humanity. Crazy thing is I am listening to humanity as a hobby. Watching what everyone Earth does.

I am on a VPN service and can make myself be in another country....logically. In computer terms it means who I am on this planet is a ghost. I can be anywhere within computers watching portals into another part of humanity. No JOKE... I can post IP shots of my browser hitting up one of about 10 locations in the US alone.

I can go to Luxembourg and have the URL in my home PC's browser read that my IP address is physically be IN luxembourg. HOLY COW. No wonder I love androids so much. Data, my goodness I watched Star Trek through Data's eyes. Everyone knew what social queues were. I did not as a child. I learned; to learn from others. But I digress.

One of the cooler things I learned from The Internet was how to be a ninja. I mask my presence, quite literally, online. Sure if you look hard enough, you can see me. Running around be a sleuth of epic proportions. A sleuth that has footsteps the size of the moon. With my monitor screen as my magnifying glass. Lordy, and all because of one movie?! Tron was nutso amazing. Love it.

Open source software is so amazing. This venture of mine is only costing me the cost of time. My time used to learn. My time I used to preciously and spread it around as much as I efficiently can.

End of line. ↈ


I really need to borrow about one-minute + the time it takes you to read this post. The first minute should be dedicated to meditating. Not kidding here, meditation is a real thing and we forget it exists because our lives are so damn fast. So sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on your surroundings. DON’T THINK, I double-dog dare you to.

We back? Good. Now think. Where did the Internet come from?

We didn’t just suddenly wake up one morning and we had the Xbox. We didn’t wake up one morning and the Internet was there, ya know? How did we get there? That’s what you want to know about history for.

-Steven Punter. Creator, Punter Protocol.

I can probably dedicate an entire site to the history of the Internet. But why would I? I have others that did it for me already! What I wanna do is show you how us humans communicated across vast distances a mere 20-30 years ago. Also to kind of illustrate how easy we have it nowadays.

So for starters, BBS; Think of a time that the only way you can communicate with more than 5 people at a time was to have them in the same room at the same time. Now move on to a time where you would have a central hub of information. I’m confident you have seen these hubs, bulletin boards. Maybe at work or in college or high school. A simple cork board that has information regarding whatever organization you’re in.

Ok now let’s move a little faster. Think of the oldest computer you have worked on and pretend that there was no Internet as we know it now. This one solitary computer was the board. A bulletin board system where people had to use a phone line to chip and chirp its information to in order to “peg” the data so that others could, at their leisure, chirp their way into and grab that info. Plainly and heavily summarized, that is part of the way the Internet began. As an idea that challenged us to act on “wouldn’t it be cool to talk to everybody in this state/country/world at any given moment?”.

Pretty simple right? Good now let’s dive into a museum. Living breathing museum that you can actually “dial” into to witness how people used to communicate with others. If you really wish to get your hands dirty...here’s how you do it. Download a terminal emulator (Or simply use a command line that has telnet). And point it to bbs.dmine.net. I made an account on there, I suggest you do the same because it’s part of the experience. If you wish to message me, please do so. My handle on there is m4gnus. This is also where some of the first online gaming took place. There have been many “door games” that thousands of people would be able to dial in and play and have their progress saved on the node.
If you’re an autodidact like myself you will eat this up and ask for thirds. Otherwise head over to The BBS Corner to learn all you need to know. My best guess is if you have any interest in history, you will not regret falling into this rabbit hole.

End of line. ↈ
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