Sunday, May 26, 2013

Untitled - By Benjamin Meeks.
(Pixelated by Ishmael Plata)
My nephew was practicing his spray art. He gave me this. In return, I let him borrow my Kickstarted Ouya.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pg. 1

"Captain! We have a lock!...They're on this planet, sir."

Friday, May 17, 2013

To some of the most amazing ladies I have ever met.

Sophia, Kristen, Kristin, Kathy, and maybe even Meagan (Spelling? Sorry if it's in correct.) And basically anyone else that knows them well. You showed me what a group of women that grew up with a strong sense of bonding between sisters is like. It was tough longing for that form of affection when I loved my own sisters so much. Mostly craving to be at their level so we could spend much time together conversing or simply hanging-out.. I got to be around you ladies and it helped me immensely. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made me a stronger person by simply loving each other.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Why Zsh is Cooler than Your Shell" A presentation.

I get bored sometimes...

I was reading through the OpenBSD website to try finding any legalese stating the rules for me making a personal copy of the entire website. I could not find it because I got distracted and made the following reminder to myself.

I think it's the little sealed letter. It got me in the feels.

To the wonderful, beautiful sysadmins at; do you think anyone would mind?

If so I will gladly "sudo rm -rf" the archive. And lastly offer my sincerest apologies.

But until then, I am learning about OpenBSD's history and it's place in computer history with this priceless info. A living museum that can stand against the newest comers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project J.Appleseed.

Open invitation to anyone wishing to join.

I will be stranding myself away from the Internet.

Scenario: The Internet blew up. Maybe the after-math of the event that occurred in Cory Doctorow's "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth".

I am in my own pocket of the world that has been severed from other computer networks. Power (electricity) is up...minimally. But the major DNS networks and basically the majority of the hardware that was made to run the Internet is in utter disarray. What do?


How? Install server software on any computer I can. Leave documentation. And move on.

"Project J.Appleseed"

As a drill. I will be operating out my parent's garage on a couple of old computer systems I have collected. Get them up and running. One that runs Debian and one that runs OpenBSD.

I have ordered copies of Debian Squeeze already and will be ordering OpenBSD 4.9 Release CDs.  Also, with all due apologies to the sysadmins at, I am making a full site backup of to take with me. Hopefully I can print out a small install help guide for each of the operating systems and then work towards getting the websites for each project running on the respective machine.

To be continued.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Portal on Linux, a game replay.

This made me smile a ridiculous dweeby smile.

Life hacker tip.

Life hacker tip:

When you need to study or work very hard and you know those breaks help immensely, but keep forgetting to take them... Make a good habit for yourself.
I drink tea on a daily basis and am learning to serve in as many anthropological ways I can find.

The preparation for a proper cup of tea is about four (4) steps.

- Choice
- Preparation
- Steep
- Love

First step I will leave here for now. Like my tiny little pamphlet of fun...maybe a comic or two. Totally gonna be fun. Trust me. Some do already. And I love THEM for it.


Choice....Really simple... this is how you know you will always be a life long learner...You wish to do homework to learn about different hobbies.
I wanted to take up a form of martial art...Can't do that too much at the moment. Tea? Yeah sure.

I went to and lurkered for about 6 months. Juuuust lurked. Let it grace your front page. BTW I was tired of having a weird high ratio of bad news river flow down *that* river of knowledge. So now there is a LOT more good than bad. Ya gotta keep SOME bad stuff. Don't wanna Utopia yourself TOO much. Keep it real, ladies and gents.

From that step you can do a lot. The choice of which style you wish to steep in based on your favorite type of tea. I began with green tea because I grew up knowing more about Japanese style tea making than any other form. Gotta love the Japanese entertainment scene from about 70s ON. Although some of those samurai dramas were SWEET. I lived with a Japanese family from the 1700s because of channel 18 in Los Angeles. I never understood what they said. But I liked it because that was my calm. My extremes were watching Anime and fantasizing about being a Ninja or Samurai or even a Sayan. My goodness, The amazing things I could do as a Super Sayan. Alas I am not one. ;)

Choice means a lot. It's a seed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Friday, May 3, 2013


*Erm...mild seizure warning.*

m4gnus: Origins.

"Ever wonder why my name is officially "m4gnus"? Because my father knew one day my name could throw people off his track due to 40 years of archiving the Internet. He had ALL of the Internet at any given time...he quite literally had it ALL. AND STORED EACH DAY like a _sync_'d up tar.gz. I believe he mentioned he fears that one day humanity will be forgotten. So he worked his hardest to gather 8,192 YiB. He wasn't quite there yet. So I guess he needed me to be named "$ sudo useradd -G root m4gnus" Imagine that? He made me a key! To pretty much all of the Internet. Go dad!"

- $ sudo useradd -G root m4gnus

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That sinking feeling where you think you forgot something.

This evening I enjoyed a lovely evening with my lovely lady-friend Hilary (aka my girlfriend). It's slightly odd calling her a girl because she is a wonderful woman. We had a Costco meal for dinner, I had a hot dog and she had a slice of pepperoni pizza. YUM.

I was really tired all day and I felt like my mind had been blasted by a railgun. It is not a fun feeling. But I remained happy the entire day. So that's a win. Then suddenly I felt so desperate...I don't know why. I believe it was the sudden realization that I was at Costco and not with my mother. What an odd thing to suddenly realize. I swear! Anyways...I realized I didn't need to worry about a single thing...So I decided to cruise over to the movies and peruse.

I found a bountiful booty at the movie section. MANY of the Studio Ghibli movies. Of which I promptly looked for unique movies and proceeded to purchase them all. I win again.

To top of the night... I got to kiss a cute blonde as a goodnight present. So mega win for me today. How was your day?
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