Thursday, August 22, 2013

PAX '13

My only time, thus far, I have been able to go to PAX occurred last year. I got to experience how three brothers interact when they hang out. Imagine it's almost always been this amazing. Three brothers that love each other very much showed me what I used to crave. Brothers to live with. I grew up alone with my parents starting at the age of six. My two, and only, siblings are my sisters.

My mother cannot reproduce any longer so unfortunately I can never have carnal brothers. BUT I am not saddened by this. I love the men in my life that have become my brothers in spirit and love. Sounds like a flippin' bible tract to say...

Meh, it's how I feel. So prosecute sue me!

Anyways.... I am really looking forward to being at PAX again. If you happen to see me there...Please know I am the happiest person alive, mainly because holy shit it's PAX and I've known about these guys for so long. They, in part, saved my life in high school.

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