Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something my brain did to help me...?

When I was younger, I'd say around 7-9 years old, I used to get these series of reoccurring dreams of myself running through forests at night. I had learned to overcome my fear of the dark around that time. And when I did, I started having those dreams.

Once in my dream I met a loopy owl. That had seemingly wild colored plumage. Nothing at all like a usual owl. It shimmered during a full moon...more light and all. We used to swap stories regarding the type of prey we had eaten. We both felt bad for eating our prey. It wasn't until later I realized why I enjoyed talking about mice and rabbits in that fashion. In another dream I was walking around, slightly lost...I came across a wide open lake and the moon was low and full. I was able to see myself in the reflection. It was me! and for some reason I was a young wolf cub!

In another dream I met an odd long reptile that seemed very lonely and lost. The only reason I found it was because it had been singing a lovely melody and had tracked the source of the singing to a high mountain. I startled it but bared no ill will towards me. Almost as if it was expecting me. I talked to her and noticed that it did not hiss or tongued the air like regular reptiles. When I asked why she did not do what the other reptiles did...she responded by saying she was different. I accepted that answer and knew what she meant.

These dreams I kept a secret for a LONG time. In fact I didn't really tell anyone until one day about less than 2 years ago my sister told me how she used to see herself as a dragon. I had almost forgot about my dreams until she mentioned that. It was a little tough to believe at first but she was, I believe, the reptile-that-wasn't-a-reptile in my dreams. I told my sister about my dreams. She loved them. She always has. I love her dearly and I'm glad I figured out something more about ourselves.
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