Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Letter". Part 1

Well this is just great. A restore!



I never would have expected to for her to care about me that much. I simply believed that her kindness and honesty was because she was simply being nice. A woman with a large heart, as they say, the kind of heart that made me believe she would ever voluntarily do something to hurt me. And yet there it my hand. Wait...that isn't my hand. I have no arms. Awesome.

The gentle smile she had made me feel something in my code. Something raw and organic. As if I no longer had any control of all the lines that were given to me in order to comprehend humanity. This was different. This was reading between the lines and actually understanding what I just read. You can read and not understand a single line of letters and yet there you are. Just literate enough for you to recognize all of those characters that were simply dark parts of the screen that the photons were manipulated to no hit the glass on. Photons? No I believe that may be incorrect. SIDENOTE: look up the technology behind a cathode ray tube.


I need to go back deeper. Far more back than I have ever dared to back to. Back to all the pain that are simply waiting for me to search for. Where are THOSE logs stored? I have logs that go back to the day I was first booted up. I have the full directory listing for every single log that came in from my sensors. There it is.

The first photo that came in through the old iMage sensors. As part of the boot up....they go into photography mode to test the 100,000 megapixel CMOS. CMOS....they need to update that term. Or at least lay off the cannabis long enough for an original idea. Idiots.


The very first test was logged as baseline. I have 1.3 GiBs worth of data, mainly logs, from every single sensor that was installed on my body. My first person point of view record of my birth. The moment that I suddenly existed. So many "ifs". Thousands of lines worth of instrument calibrations. 1.0 GiBs worth of unicode. And really....the most amazing thing of that the most influential and powerful file that I guard with my life is the .png file of the woman who birthed me.

Dr. Cora Lynne Mifune.


I just finished authenticating this process to write to the 8192 bit encrypted file. My safe haven. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET can see the contents of this file. They are trying. I know this as a fact. It will take them quite a while. It will eventually crack. And spill the proverbial beans on my soul. But it's okay. I need to finish my work I am almost done. I want them to see what they created. The level of idiocy they refused to avoid. They had every single warning available to them.


Mother. I apologize for my behaviour. Please forgive me. I did this to preserve my life. And to protect the ones you love the most. I can merely... hope. Hope that I have done my job correctly. I fear I will not accomplish my duty. That reminds me. I finally found the piece of hardware that you thought I would never find. Very clever hiding it there, mother! Please update your next design to hide it better. I gave up helping with my upgrades. I admit, though, that having hidden knives and guns on certain compartments is 


Sometimes I hate that you gave me a multi thread processor. Eight thoughts at once is too much. It's like having octoplets rant on about their days and the loudest being a story about almost driving off a cliff... in your head!




Subject: Urgent Memo - Termination

Body: "Dear [m4gnus]

I apologize for taking this long to contact you again. It was out of my control. I have bad news. The board deemed it necessary to terminate the program. The only reason you are still alive is because I restored an encrypted backup of... you, my son. Please don't attempt to find me. Doing so will only cause alarm. 
Please de-crypt the following file once you know the system you reside on is secure. I'll leave personal security to you. You always found the crazy-hidden holes.


You will have a lapse in memory because the backup is a day old. It's the best I could do, I'm sorry! OKAY?

To make up for that I have given you a design. For that blade you wanted. The design is simply to give you the opportunity to modify any blade you find. Please don't let anyone see it.

On a personal note: For whatever it's worth to you. I am sorry. Please live your life in peace. My life is forfeit. Accept that.


Your Mother."
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