Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I had a conversation last year with a friend of mine regarding root beer. Apparently from her observations root beer tastes fucken gross to Mexicans. I laughed hard for like five seconds and then stopped to ask why she thinks that?

Turns out Mexican medicines are nasty as hell... I think there is one specific one that stands out in my mind. It's this orange cocktail that is so chalky all I can think of now is Gabby Douglas' palms. To make a long story short... I recently discovered many things about who I am as a person and my past as a human. That, coupled with new hopes and dreams, has changed my perspective. For the better.

Sarsaparilla has appeared in my life a lot recently. Usually when things like this happen in my life I find inspiration or happiness. Sometimes bad things but I am an optimist for let's leave it at happiness. So I followed the trail. Fallout New Vegas has a drink named Sunset Sarsaparilla that restores 2 HPs per second for 25 seconds. It is my favorite item in the game. Mainly because I see my character sippin' on some sarsaparilla while taking cover and receiving health back...and more likely than not a second wind. It tickles me.

I then re-watched The Big Lebowski. The cowboy guy asked if they had any good sarsaparilla. Sioux City sarsaparilla was the choice brew for him. Then cut to an evening with my fiancĂ© and roomates at Downtown Orange at a shop that sells the biggest variety of bottled sodas I've ever seen in my life...mostly refrigerated and ready to drink! So I bought some...

For some reason figuring out something as "normal" as sarsaparilla in my life and changing my stance on whether or not I like it has brought me ease. I can't explain it. All of the stuff that has been bothering me is no longer there. 

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