My name is Ismael Plata. I was born in California and was raised by a couple of the tiniest, and yet biggest, people on this planet.

I have a giant heart that was cultivated by a couple of the most amazing sisters I have been given the privilege of having. This will be my way of honoring those people in my life that will always have a special place in me. Nothing and no one can ever take any of this away, though I would hate myself if I allowed my love for them to fade away to time. I have a simple goal; to simply write about myself and my people. My parents, siblings, family, friends, and fellow adventurers. If you are reading this, I am already part of your people. And I thank you for being good.

I will be attempting my very best to always work on my self and this venture of mine. So please join me. I only ask for a few minutes of your time. If I am able to make you smile at least once, then I consider that a win.

Last updated 15 April 2013

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Some of my favorite moments on this world can be seen on my flickr account

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